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    Scrumbot is your agile assistant
    Let scrumbot gather data from your team &
    summarize it for you before the daily scrum

Simply plug scrumbot into Slack or HipChat, and you have yourself an agile assistant that will reach out to your dev team at the end of every day - getting the details on what's done, what's in progress, any blockers?

Works inside Slack & HipChat

Today, we plug right into Slack and HipChat. And in our upcoming releases, we hope to support Flowdock, Chime, Kato.im and others. In fact, if you have any ideas for which workflow app we should tackle next, ping us @MyScrumbot

Amazing for remote teams

More and more dev teams are distributed around the country or around the world. Why don't you let Scrumbot handle the tricky bits of sorting our who is in what timezone. We will get their updates and summarize it all for you before the scrum starts in the morning.

Save crazy time

Before we built Scrumbot, we all swore that we would never write that horrible dev team update email again. But of course, the world does not bend to our every whim. And I imagine it doesn't bend to yours either... With Scrumbot, all that drudgery is gone, its like having an agile assistant. Lets call him a "Scrum Apprentice"!

Scrumbot is happy to support Slack
Scrumbot is happy to support HipChat
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The Complex World of Agile

The world of Agile software development is strange and complex. But Scrumbot can help! Signup now and get a copy of our map to the Agile world! If it doesn't change your life, well, we're not sure what will...


Scrumbot pings the team

Near the end of your work day, Scrumbot will ping your team on their specific team channel and ask them what they have been working on today.

Team members respond

Each team member will write back to Scrumbot with three things: what they finished, what they are working on now, and if they have any blockers. They can tag a specific ticket, by prepending the ticket number with "#", and Scrumbot will link to it directly.

Daily reports for the ScrumMaster

Before your daily scrum, simply ask Scrumbot for the report, and you will get a nicely formated break down of all the things people are doing and any blockers will pop right to the top. How awesome is that!?!?!

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Here is the big secret. If you are a startup founder, you will hit a point where getting to the daily standup is just no longer possible. That sucks. As the business scales, you will feel more distant from the daily progress.

With Scrumbot working for your team, you get an asynchronous standup whenever you want. Sitting in an airport? Done. In the lobby of your next big deal & need a quick update on that new feature? /scrumbot status

Scrumbot is your agile assistant

Simply plug Scrumbot into Slack or HipChat, and you have yourself an Agile Assistant that will reach out to your dev team at the end of every day - getting the details on what’s happened, what's in progress, any blockers?

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